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          UPD Services


          West Texas A&M University police officers are certified Texas Peace Officers and have jurisdiction to enforce local, state and federal laws. That jurisdiction is granted them through the Education Code which gives them jurisdiction in any county where the Texas A&M University System owns, rents, or leases property.  The department employs 18 full-time police officers and strongly encourages reporting of all criminal activity.  F要么 suggestions and comments regarding the commissioned division of UPD, please contact 扎克下层之警长。

          UPD提供后续报告为UPD任何刑事罪行的刑事调查部门。后续通过实施通过记录直到所有线索步调查传导被耗尽或嫌疑人被确定。哪些案件完成透露怀疑被提交给地方检察官办公室采取进一步行动的地步。传递信息,或者如果您有任何疑问,请发邮件  警长湾费拉拉 , 曼尼侦探里奥斯 要么 弥敦道侦探克劳福德

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