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          NSO Special Populations


          This page contains information for groups of students that do not qualify as Freshmen or Transfer .  This orientation program is a free resource we offer to these students to help them succeed during their time here at West Texas A&M University.  如果你是一个新生或转校生,这些方案将不能满足您的需求方向。


          The 大学预科课程 is designed for High School students participating in dual credit courses through West Texas A&M University.  This Orientation goes over the resources that are available to you while enrolled in this program.  请点击此链接访问在线的方向。  没有收费ESTA方向。


          The Transient Student Orientation is designed for students who enroll temporarily with the intent to return to their home institution.  This Orientation informs you of resources that are available to you during your time at West Texas A&M.  请点击此链接访问在线的方向。  没有收费ESTA方向。



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