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          The 网络服务 department works closely with the other departments of Systems Support to maintain a safe, cost-effective, reliable network for the faculty, staff and students of West Texas A&M University.


          Internet access for the campus is provided through a Gigabit Ethernet connection to Texas A&M University through LEARN, the Lone Star Education and Research Network. The 网络服务 department maintains all core functions of the campus network including application, email, file and print services, DNS, and DHCP services.




          The West Texas A&M University telecommunications system is purely Voice over IP (VOIP) and utilizes Cisco Call Manager. The network connects 42 buildings at the Canyon Campus, including 12 residence halls, and has over 1900 telecommunication devices attached. We also provide service to the Amarillo Center(Chase Building), Enterprise Network and Small Business Development Center in Amarillo.



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