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          West 德州 A&M University

          WTAMU student in front of the Old Main









          In 1946, the West 德州 A&M University Foundation began as a dream to help students realize their fullest potential through the soliciting, receiving, investing and disbursing of private gifts. With an initial gift of $2,500 in 1951, the WTAMU基金会 has amassed assets of more than $50 million to date.

          An independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, the WT Foundation’s mission is to provide deserving students with scholarship assistance and vital support for the talented faculty, staff and programs of West 德州 A&M University.

          Nestled in the growing Panhandle community of Canyon, Texas, WT shares a rich history of determination and generosity. A pledge of 40 acres of land and just over $100,000 in cash helped pave the way for the present day West Texas A&M University. From these humble beginnings as West 德州 州 Normal College, WT has since grown into a nationally recognized university with nearly 8,000 students enrolled, 45 master’s degree programs and one doctoral program.

          纵观其100年的历史,有一两件事一直未变。 WT继续提供具有锻造的友谊,灌输道德和价值观,培养技能的成功而改变物理实际上,在德克萨斯的狭长地区的文化和经济格局感动数千名学生的生活产生了独特的教育经验。

          Our students go on to be doctors, lawyers, teachers….all making a tremendous impact on the communities they serve. That is why we hope you will join us today and embrace the legacy of excellence that is West 德州 A&M University.

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