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          West 德州 A&M University




          赋予礼品 为后代创造一个持久的遗产,并提供对大学的持久的影响。

          捐赠计划 is a bequest to the West 德州 A&M University Foundation, and can be especially beneficial if you wish to make a gift to benefit the University without diminishing the assets available to you during your lifetime.

          WTAMU开工奠基同一个梦想,成立于1946年,以帮助学生通过请求,接收投资充分发挥其潜力和私人礼品发放。随着$ 2,500 1951年的首期款,该基金会已积累了超过5000万$的最新资产。它的使命是利用资源为学生奖学金,教师的支持和程序的改进。 十大彩票信誉app基金会



          The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation existing solely for the benefit of West Texas A&M University and its students. The West 德州 A&M University Foundation upholds standards of 问责.


          Naming rights represent a brick and mortar reminder of the commitment of West 德州 A&M University donors and create a lasting impact on campus. Numerous naming opportunities are available and include buildings, colleges, classrooms, laboratories, seminar and study rooms, lobbies, lounges, galleries, conference rooms, residence halls, athletic facilities, fitness areas and more.


          806-651-2070  与别人谈论的礼物,或者如果你有任何问题。






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