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          West Texas A&M University is dedicated to providing a learning and working environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation for all employees, students, and visitors. Our commitment to equal employment opportunity, program accessibility, and affirmative action must occur in all aspects of our daily operations and everyone must take responsibility for creating an atmosphere that values diversity and promotes inclusion, fairness and respect. As a part of the Texas A&M System, WTAMU follows System policy 08.01 which states: 该系统将提供就业机会给所有的人平等的机会,不分种族,肤色,性别,宗教,国籍,年龄,残疾,遗传信息,退伍军人身份,性取向或性别认同,并努力实现整个充分和平等的就业机会系统。

          There are several training courses available through HR Connect to enhance our understanding of the laws and responses to workplace issues. Also, The Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations, //www.tamus.edu/offices/policy/policies/, provide important information in addressing issues encountered at the workplace. I strongly encourage you to utilize these resources and continue making West Texas A&M University a wonderful and enjoyable place to work.

          如果您有十大彩票信誉app平等就业机会或肯定行动,详情请洽Nancy汉普顿,人力资源总监,在(806)651-2116或通过电子邮件的任何问题 nhampton@wtamu.edu.

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