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          商务办公 新的学生介绍资料


          Starting a new year at a new school can be overwhelming. We have designed a check sheet for students to help guide through all the steps needed to complete to manage your financial obligations as a student of West Texas A&M University. This form is also distributed at New Student Orientations and Transfer Student Orientations held throughout the summer.



          让学生通过增加其授权users.please注意,不能建立学生的授权用户,直到学生,已经受邀首次授予访问结算帐户的选项。此外,添加用户并不需要授权的地方 父代理 通过寄存器的办公室。

          West Texas A&M University does not have a way to remind parents when payment deadlines are approaching except for through our TouchNet billing system. Students can add any phone number that receives text messages for payment deadline reminders.

          For the Fall and Spring semesters only, West Texas A&M University offers a deferred payment plan. This allows students to divide their total charges due into four payments due once a month for four consecutive months.

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