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          West Texas A&M University

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          通信周 2018 - That's Entertainment!


          特色客座讲师 吉尔惠特菲尔德


          吉尔惠特菲尔德 graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2009, with a degree in Corporate Communication and a minor in Public Relations and Advertising. She went on to complete her Master’s in Public Communication & Technology, Public Relations at Colorado State University. Seeking a career in entertainment communication, Whitfield has worked as an intern for Lifetime Television, as a digital marketing strategist, a venue support manager for Goldstar Events, and as a Campus 2 Career Recruiter for NBC Universal, a production team member for award shows and special events and is currently a career consultant for the Bob Schieffer College of 通讯 at Texas Christian University.



          中午12:00至 - 游戏节目! •FAC演奏厅举办由凯尔•哈伯德
          下午6:00 - 电影放映:“实习生”•JBK遗留大厅
          下午6:00 - 杰出讲座系列呈现吉尔•惠特菲尔德JBK遗留大厅
          下午7:00 - 校友表谈话•JBK遗留大厅
          特邀嘉宾讲表校友包括:斯蒂芬妮·威廉姆斯Turkowski,德州理工的博士研究生; TRE和Emily卡尔文,阿斯伯里神学院的学生;凯特林约翰逊,KFDA;查理键,在第一联合卫,峡谷青年部部长;和布列塔尼城堡,公关和营销服务(重量)

          中午12:00至 - 名人打扮天•门厅•FAC本书驱动出国南非研究
          中午12:00至 - 项目跑道•烙铁剧院
          上午9:00 - 12:00 - 高中推广方案


          通信周 is a entire week of events dedicated to bringing together students from every part of the Communication Department: 通讯 Studies, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising/Public Relations, Broadcast Media and Graduate students. Mixers, competitions and student showcase make up parts of Comm Week, but the students and faculty also focus on campus awareness by bringing a guest lecturer to WTAMU. In 2009, director of Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), Sandra de Castro Buffington, spoke about her program that provides entertainment industry professionals with accurate and timely information for health storylines. In 2010, author, educator and filmaker Jackson Katz spoke on the topic of gender violence prevention, and his new book "The Macho Paradox."  The 2011 communication scholar, Jean Kilbourne, presented her groundbreaking study on the image of women in advertising, a lecture made famous by her documentary film 杀死我们轻声。  在2012年,托管WTAMU来宾主持人利兹·默里谁是终身电视艾美奖的主题提名影片原创 哈佛无家可归 以及纽约时报畅销书的作者“破夜。”然后,在2013年,WTAMU很高兴现在贝蒂·阮 作为可分辨讲座系列的一部分。电影演示,将比格姆,在2016年谈到他的影片“一个列表。” EVA硬,作家和编辑器 美国的承诺联盟,当时2017年的客座讲师。



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